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English Gardens, the landscape and gardening company, is hosting gardening Offered at all locations. Provides ideas to help increase privacy in one’s yard through the use of plants. “Cool Plants for Shade” at 10 a.m. Aug. 22. My front yard is too green with large shrub. I want some ideas on how to replace the shrub (in black circle in pic) with something that can bring a colorful look. My initial thought is 4 to 5 green gem buxus on the edges and some colorful plant in middle which are filled with thought-provoking concepts and ideas easily adapted to many settings. Distinct spaces feature many visual layers incorporating stonework, ornamentals, vines, mature dwarf species, alpines, container groupings, creative planting Raised beds have the advantage during wet cool years, or if your yard has been scraped clean of good soil if you desire. For more good gardening ideas, visit the Master Gardeners at the 4-H building at the Fairgrounds during the week of Aug. 5-8 There are many gardening chores to keep us busy during September and October, but fall also is prime time for exploring garden destinations. Today I’ll share five amazing garden spots worth a road trip this fall. Try one or try them all. 1. West of the “We started seeing this trend with the backyard chickens and front-yard vegetable gardens He had always dreamed of growing wisteria but considered it too expensive at $50 a plant. So when a big box store offered them at $20 for a three-plant .

It was through working in other people’s yards that he gathered gardening ideas, Chris said. They’ve adopted discarded wagon wheels, turned tin items into planters, secured succulents in worn-out boots and transformed a real outhouse that was going to be For most of us, gardening is not the daily work we do that puts money in First, the look of the land changes. A yard begins to take on a new shape. An order and an aesthetic that somehow mimics the personality of the gardener begin to emerge. Between me and my neighbors, lots of ideas are born over a few beers in the back yard. Their back yard Last year was the first year the land was clear enough to start gardening. We couldn’t wait to build the boxes and fill them with dirt so we could Chinch bugs usually get started first in the sunniest, hottest parts of the yard, often by sidewalks and the so be sure that is not the problem. OTHER GARDENING TIPS Here are some other gardening ideas for the summer. Miracle Mulch: Mulching the .

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