I totally agree! Which imo was really unnecessary. like I said in my comment, I get she proclaimed a virgin until marriage, and celibacy but when that changed .I thought it was so funny when Kristina invited her dad to the studio with boogie than after he said he was high she told him he could go she got rid of him real .But Angela a mess she said “ill go to this parenting class with my sister even tho im still going to parent classes with my fiancee at the same time” but grined the .You get caught sucking the tongue of another man on the staircase and it ‘s NOT what they think they saw????? Who de fuck writes their script??? Besides .

  • Growing Up Hip Hop Season Mr World Premiere

    Exactly. acting like it was suuuuuch a bummer. Romeo know damn well that decision wouldnt mess up shit. lol Its a no brainER. And Master P talkin ’bout “You gone .

  • Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 3 Mr World Premiere

    Angela is SUCH a brat, it’s not even funny or entertaining. It irks me when she pops up on Screen. And kristiana, I get being worried about her dad, but he wasn’t .

  • Growing Up Hip Hop We Tv

    Growing Up Hip Hop follows the next generation of hip hop royalty as they attempt to step outside the shadow of their famous families..

  • Growing Up Hip Hop Episodes We Tv

    __Watch__ Full Episodes Growing Up Hip Hop After Romeo confronts Angela for cutting him off, Angela faces more scrutiny about her pregnancy..

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